Red Chilli

There are several va.rieties of Indian Dry Chilly – the most popular are Sannam, Teja & Byadgi


Cumin has distinctive flavor and aroma because of essential oil content, Primary aroma compound cumin aldehyde.

Cumin can use as whole seed or powder form of cumin. 

Fennel Seeds

Fennel yields both a herb and a spice

Coriander Seeds

Coriander is an important spice crop having a prime position in flavoring food.. 

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seed has a bitter, curry-like flavor.

Seeds are frequently used both whole and powdered in the preparation of pickles, vegetable dishes, and spice mixes. 

Star Anise

Star anise is one of the signature flavor’s of Chinese savory cooking.

It is used to flavor vegetables, meat, and to marinate meat. It is used as a condiment for flavoring curries. 

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is widely used as spice/condiment in Indian cooking.

It is known for its various nutritional benefits, as well as its flavor-enhancing properties in the food products.


Cloves are the dried, unopened flower buds and are most pungent of all spices.

They derive their name from clavus, the Latin word for “nail.”


Turmeric is used to add fragrance, color and aroma to the dishes. The turmeric finger is the purest form of turmeric and is used in medicines, food and dyeing processes.. 


Cinnamon bark is a popular spice with a delicate fragrance and a warm agreeable taste. It is used in the form of small pieces or powder. It is widely used in flavoring.


Cardamom is widely used as a flavoring material in whole and ground form. It can add a lingering sparkle to every kind of dishes both traditional and modern. 


Ginger is a herb, a universal spice it is used in cooking, in various forms the same aromatic and flavoring characteristics of the specific spice.

Ginger is widely used as seasoning or condiment and it gives delicious in taste and rich in flavor. 


Nutmeg has a warm, spicy flavor that is perfect for adding depth to spicy, savory dishes or rounding out other sweet flavors